Monday, March 7, 2016

God Hears Single Moms Too: 3 Ways for Single Moms to Stay Encouraged

3 Ways for Single Mom's to Stay Encouraged
Isaiah 61:3

1. Don't Give Up. 

Scripture says be not weary in well doing for in do season you will reap if you faint not. This is hard if all you see is destruction all around you and heart ache. But you have to stay encouraged. You have to let the Devil know who is boss! When your kids are stressing you out after a long day at work. If your bills are piling up and you don't know how your going to pay them...If your purpose for living seems a long distance away...please be encouraged my sister. God sees your every need and he cares. In times when I'm feeling down and want to give up..I like to make it a habit not to stay down too long, as this can be very hard for your children to see and for your health as a whole. Its not your fault that sometimes life throws a curve ball at keep on smiling and know that everything is going to be alright! Your mind should be on the important things in life like maybe going back to school and getting your degree or another degree; taking up a hobby like floral arrangements (that's what I love to do (Michael's is my friend); Volunteering at your child's school; or even blogging about your day or feelings about a particular subject.

Beauty for Ashes

2. Take Care of yourself Mentally. 

Make sure that if your on medications or plan on getting on medications that you seek help if your symptoms of depression, anxiety, worry, fear and doubt manifest and you begin to see that your not able to function and do daily tasks. Talk to your doctor and make sure you know what your fighting up against...Just make sure that you see who the real enemy is and that's the devil! He comes to steal, kill and destroy..But God says He has come to give you life and life more Abundantly! Go to church on Sunday Mornings or even throughout the week and pray for the strength you need to make it through. I personally went off the movie "War Room"  and have emptied out my entire closet like the older lady (Clara) told the younger one (Elizabeth) to do in order to SAVE her Family. I believe my whole life changed for the better after I took a step to pray daily in my "War Room."I also like to listen to Gospel music. I personally love Marvin Sapp. I listen to "He Has His Hands On You" over and over until I realize that I can't do this alone. He has His hands on me and will see me through. God will provide for me! I believe in the power of God through music and whatever your genre is...please put some Inspirational music really helps! Remember "David encouraged himself" (read Psalms).

3. Pray for Strength. Today whenever your time permits..I'm asking you to take each person in your immediate family (especially children) and make a list of the things you want God to do in their lives. Tell Him all about the hurts, the worries, the anxieties, the failures, the complications..etc Let Him know what is bothering you. He Loves you...His Eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches over You! If He watches over the beasts of the fields and the fowls of the air...whose to say He doesn't see us hungry, poor, downtrodden. I know with 4 in today's world..a pair of Nike's can cost about $200! I'm blessed to have 2 who don't mind any type of shoe..But then again I feel like my twins really set the example on know how to use their faith. They don't hesitate to ask a family member knowing that it's a possibility for us to say "No". Its amazing how my other 2 who like to eat...don't hesitate to ask for McDonald's...So why are we so concerned about asking God for strength. We need to ask for it in order to keep our families afloat. We need strength in order to go to work, come home, cook dinner, pay bills, help with homework. Single Moms are stressed out (and Married Mom's too-I'm divorced). We have to keep ourselves rested and ready to pray, exercise, cook and clean and that only comes with asking God for Strength!

"Its going to work out...Jesus Loves You!"


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Thursday, October 29, 2015

God is in every area of our life. At home, work and leisure activities. No matter what trials we face, we know He is just a prayer away.  Mothers, fathers, children, God wants us to acknowledge Him as the priority over our daily tasks. Dont push God aside daily with sports, gymnastics, extra curriculum activities. Include Him in your life, talk to Him, love Him and most of all Remember He is JUST A PRAYER AWAY!